Google Adsense is Green!


If your Google Adsense ads are showing up green you must be using the Google Publisher Toolbar in your web browser. Just as I do. I had this problem and could not find much about it online. There were posts in the Google Help forums but the advice did not mention just turning off the Ad overlays feature. (Maybe there wasn’t a way to turn it off then). You will need to visit each of your sites and turn this off individually.

New Scammy Ad Sales Technique to Watch For


There is a technique in real estate (and other sales related situations) to offer a buyer in order to create a sale. The buyer is fake. In real estate the technique is used to keep sellers on the hook, hoping for a nibbling buyer. So the real estate agent keeps (or renews) the listing. The buyer then disappears. I’ve been getting more offers to place ads on my sites again, now that I’ve been getting them active again. Some are the same old scammy things, like guest posts. A few are legitimate offers and I have accepted a couple and … Continue…

The Mystery WordPress Plugin

unique content plugin

I like plugin shopping on WordPress. You never know what you will find. I don’t upload many of the plugins I find. I do test out several out of curiousity. But, I have to think I have at least some way to use them, in the practical sense. When I found this one today… I didn’t understand how it could be practical. Unless it’s intended for content scrapers who want to re-word stolen content. But, that doesn’t seem likely. Not very practical for someone looking for short cuts. Anyway, what does this plugin do? Any good guesses? I didn’t upload … Continue…

Make Widgets Cater to Bloggers

bloglovin widgets

A widget should provide something I want. Why would I want to give these buttons from Bloglovin space on my blog? They serve no purpose for me. I can already use WordPress functions to get email sign ups and followers (and keep the information on my own database). Unless I have a huge following on Bloglovin, I don’t need to show those numbers. This widget really only advertisers Bloglovin. That’s fine but… my space is worth something to me. I like Bloglovin but I don’t like them enough to give them free advertising on my site. If you design a … Continue…

Selling Ad Space with WordPress Plugins


The goal was to find a WordPress plugin which would let me sell ad space on my site, paid ads through PayPal. Although I did not find one plugin which accomplishes everything… I do have some reviews for you. The Easy Ad Plugins Two very simple plugins which worked were WP125 and WPX Affiliate Manager. Both of these were simple to set up and you could have ads in your sidebar within an hour. (Your own ads or those of friends are good to start with). Both of these use ads which are 125 x 125 images and a link … Continue…

Social Popularity Checker


Why hasn’t anyone made a plugin like this? It would need a shortcode to place it on blog pages and posts, not just left as a sidebar widget. Great way to show advertisers your site is worth a paid ad. Likely other good applications for this too. My brain is just focused on advertising and promotions today. Check popularity of your website on different social networks Source: Social Popularity Checker Why didn’t Klout do this?  Popuri has something like it but not as much detail.