A Better Display of Categories


I often get ideas from seeing things on other sites. This time I had two great ideas from How to Write it Better. First, this idea for showcasing my categories. Instead of the standard flat intdex… why not promote them to the reader this way? On this site it’s posted as an image file and not linking to the categories. But, it could be done with HTML and links. Not difficult and yet very smart. I’m adding it to my to-do list! The other thing I like is the post for her email list. Fairly standard really but reading it … Continue…

Crossposting from WordPress to Blogger


I’m not a great coder (by far) but… I’d like to work on a plugin which would let me crosspost WordPress posts over to Blogger. Not full posts and not every post automatically, just summaries of selected posts to specific Blogger sites I have. I know part of the reason I want this is just because I don’t like seeing Blogger slowly fade away. That bugs me. In the more practical sense, it would be a simple way of having links back to your posts. My idea is to have very tight niche blogs on Blogger and just direct the … Continue…

Can’t Start Computer with USB Device Plugged In?


First, check for an update to your BIOS. Go to your computer manufacturer’s site and look at the support section. Find your computer (for mine is an HP h8 1211 and I can find the update files on the HP site). An update to the BIOS may be available. Back up your data, if you haven’t already. The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is pretty deep in the important software which runs your computer so it is a good plan to be cautious when updating it. While it updates and installs do not open anything else. Let it run, likely … Continue…

MapleStory – 10th Anniversary


Had enough of Facebook games? There are a lot of other options for free web games. Maple Story is celebrating 10 years as a free game on the web. It’s cute too. I haven’t played for awhile but checked back in today and took screenshots of my character’s profiles. I’d forgotten there were this many of them. I thought I only had two or three. Join MapleStory, the global version of the amazing action-oriented side-scrolling MMORPG that has captivated the world! Battle dragons, discover dungeons as an anime-inspired wizard, warrior, thief or bowman capture epic loot, make new friends and … Continue…

Do you Know your Twitter Birthday?

twitter birthday

Found this while wandering around tonight. You can see when you joined Twitter on your profile, but that’s not the same as getting a birth certificate! Celebrate your Twitter birthday, find out when your friends were born on Twitter! Source: @thatgrrl :: Twitter Birthday – twbirthday.com

Down For Everyone Or Just Me?


I found this as a link on a 404 page. It’s a great way to redirect people back to your site, if all is well. If not, then they will know your site is actually down. Type in your own link if you want to check your own site. But, it really seems like a better option for 404 pages than checking your own link. If you are having trouble getting a site to load and you don’t know why… clean your browser cache. Surprising how often that works. Source: Down For Everyone Or Just Me -> Check if your … Continue…